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Make art an emotion

Let your mind and soul speak, and watch your creativity come to life. Make your hands the translator and your art the message. 
And of course take us as your great support.

Discover our kilns for sale!

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Innovative design is our passion

We know that it’s not easy to find someone that fully trusts in your art, but that’s why we’re here. We believe that creativity, emotion and passion are fuels to the world. And it’s our pleasure to be the chamber in which all these ingredients come together, and become a masterpiece.

We’re ready to welcome you into our community that has been going on for few years, where we’ve been AIM KILNS MANUFACTURING AND HOT SHOT OVEN & KILN  official distributors. And of course, if you let us, we will be part of your art too. Let us be participants of your process, and give you the freedom to create whatever your heart tells you. Browse our website and discover the kilns for sale that best suit your project.

Use this millenary technique to mold your glass to your creativity’s liking.

An important step in the art process of clay molding, or ceramics, is precisely the moment you fire it on the kiln.

Fusing can be the perfect opportunity to make exactly what you have in mind and let your piece talk about what you feel.

Working with silver and gold can give your piece the exact thing it was missing. You can also decorate with an extra layer full of color to give the final touch to your masterpiece.

For the Bladesmith, to express your art with the sound of the hammer in the forge

Why Choose us



It’s our job to make your piece of art come together as neatly as it can be. We’re always looking for new creative solutions for the areas of opportunity our products have with your help.



With the great use and care that we know that you’re going to give to your kiln, it can operate perfectly for more than 40 years, only giving it electric maintenance when need it.

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Technical Support Team

We have a whole team that is dedicated to give you the optimal support no matter the place of the world you’re in, through the phone or email.



Our kilns can have different sizes and measurements that are adaptable to the quantity of products you want to make. They can be small, medium or large, depending on what you, the artist, desires.



We have worldwide shipping as well, so you can feel free to create no matter where you live. Generally, artist buy medium kilns, which have to be transported by trailer, but don’t worry, AIM KILNS MANUFACTURING has your back with that.



Taking the safety of your package in mind, the kilns are packed in cardboard boxes with foam and wood, if the size of your kiln requires it. Every purchase you make with us has a 1 year warranty.

Our Compromise

In the year and half that we have been distributing Aim kilns, one of the things that we’ve discovered is that creativity is not only on the pieces of art themselves, but also on every single participant, tool, inspiration and muse that takes part of the process. As for us, we have implemented that creativity into innovative solutions in order to have better kilns and a high quality customer service, that make the artistic experience a lot richer and more professional.

As you can see, we tend to work as a team, because we know that every single person that is involved here is essential. Including of course, you, the artist. 

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I had the chance to co-create with the company the kiln of my dreams. They adapted the product to my needs, in order for me to get the exact result I wanted for my glasswork.”
“I wasn’t sure I would like the result when I bought my kiln, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. By reading their descriptions and advice, I was able to identify which type of kiln was the best for me. "
“If you’re looking for a great annealing for your ceramics, these are the kilns you need. I have tried several different kilns before, and the only ones I liked were the ones my teachers had, or the ones they lended us at class. This is the first time I can create, in my own house, and really like the finished product.”

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