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Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Reg. Price:

$5899 + shipping

Sale Price:

$5014 + shipping

Interior Dimensions:

24"D x24"W x14"T

Exterior Dimensions:








Data Sheet

Power Cord:

NEMA Plug:

6-30 Plug Type

Max Temp:

1700 F

Element Quantity:

Approx. Ship Weight:

The Creativity Pro Glass Kiln – Hot Shot 24G

The HS-24G Glass Kiln is the perfect Kiln for any artist, hobbyist working with glass to add to their studio whether it is at home or at their business. The HS-24G size is perfect to do slumping ,draping ,casting ans fusing with is 24″x24″x14″ footprint the ideas you have transpiring in your head can come to fruition.

The clamshell is designed for easy front access allowing you to move your project in and out of the kiln ease.

this access also allows for you to easily access the project during firing if you want to do raking or other manipulation techniques to the glass. Bonus- the floor is 100% removable so you could work on your projects at your workstation too! We also encase the elements in quartz tubes so there is no need to worry about elements flaking into your projects! Imagine what you could make with this kiln! the opportunities are endless