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As official AIM Kilns Manufacturing distributors, we can proudly say that AIM products are state-of-the-art pieces of equipment. After decades of establishing itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the kiln industry, AIM Manufacturing Company encompasses everything our customer is looking for.

All kilns produced by AIM are some of the most innovative and technologically advanced in the market, making them an excellent option for anyone looking to invest in a high-quality kiln for the furnishing of their studio or classroom.

Sizing options

Among its catalog, AIM provides multiple kiln options which adjust to specific users’ needs. A customer who will be working on small production batches occasionally does not have the same requirements of a kiln as those who are looking to constantly fire a large number of pieces. Therefore, AIM provides its customers with a wide range of kilns sizes, which in turn adapt to different budget ranges. AIM kilns will surely cover any set of needs and demands you might think of when it comes to firing your unique creations with precision and control.

Diversity for your practices

Besides the capacity of an AIM kiln, AIM also stands out when it comes to the different applications their kilns might be used for. AIM’s kilns can serve in the practice of ceramics, glass fusing, jewelry, glass blowing, PMC, and bead-making are some of the techniques covered by their kilns. As a company that is always attentive to its customers’ needs, you will find that AIM’s kiln designs are highly specialized and customizable.

Variety of models

At JPS kilns we are familiar with AIM’s guaranteed quality and distinction, that’s why we carry more than a couple dozen of their kiln models for our customers to choose from. While exploring our catalog, you might find several different AIM lampworking kilns, such as the Ultra-Micro Hopper, perfect for small glass and beadwork, or the C-26 Mendocino, with its impressively large chamber for larger works.

When it comes to ceramic or pottery kilns, AIM brings out an amazing set of options, from which we have selected standouts in medium and large sizes. In the medium category, we have models 1718, 1722, and 1727 which all reach up to Cone 10 in temperature and range from 4 to 6 in terms of element quantity.

If you’re looking for something much larger, you might want to look into purchasing models 3527 and 3536 which have the most volume capacity in their chambers. We even carry some more specialized models, such as model 1210 which works perfectly for enameling, or the 84J and 94J in digital formats, which are excellent glass fusing kiln options.

We are AIM KILN’S official distributors!

Our goal is to always provide creators with the best tools for them to bring their pieces to life, and AIM kilns are fully up to the best standards in the industry. After years of perfecting the engineering behind these kilns, their products are nothing but high-quality technology. Whichever model catches your eye, you really can’t go wrong if you choose one of AIM Manufacturing Company’s kilns.

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